This is a blog focused on my academic/intellectual pursuits as an instructor of ideas.

The name “Crash Course” is a play on a nickname that was given to me when I was 19. I was working as an agricultural insect inspector for Salyor American out of Corcoran, California, and early one hot Central California summer morning, I ended up crashing my new (to me, but not that old even so) 1981 Chevy pickup into an irrigation canal. Thankfully the canal was full, so I survived the crash (my truck even did too … that’s a story for another place and time), and in so doing earned the nickname “Crash” from my supervisor. So while my life has never really been out of control, I do like to take things on with vigor and enthusiasm, so the idea of my intellectual journey being a “crash course” appeals to me: I know life is short so I gotta grab ideas that come across my path and try them out — keeping the good and culling the weak. That’s my intellectual crash course that I try to share with my students. In this blog, you will find my ideas about sharing ideas with other learners.

– Laurie Miller  |  llmiller@gmu.edu

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  •    Hande  |  March 29th, 2012 at 3:32 pm     

    Hey Laurie! GO PATRİOTS!!!!
    This web site has great opportunity to tll about yout eperience as a maon instructer!
    İ lve you and my econ teachers at Mason.. Say hi to them for me.. Nd please follow my blog bak..

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