Aha! Moments

video viewing

Watching with a friend is nice.

Watching the “Welcome to Course ReDesign” Video

Once I finally got this section of my Mason WordPress site set up, I was eager to ‘get going’ , so I almost did not watch the welcome video. But Shelly’s notes pulled me into the viewing, so I made a comfortable spot for me a and a buddy on my back patio and gave it a view.

Shelly’s Note 1 is the one that truly nudged me to watch the video as within the last three weeks, I made an instructional video to shepherd the instructors I coordinate through the new final grade reporting process that our unit uses. Having produced a similar product motivated me to watch Shelly’s video. The result is Aha! moment #1:

  • Aha! #1 – Empathy/shared experience is a motivator. 

I have used screen capture software to make videos (like the one noted above), but I have not included myself in a “narrator” box like Shelly did (you can see this in the upper right-hand portion of my laptop screen above).  It was a nice touch to be able to see the narrator; I do not think this is always necessary or desired, but for a welcoming video it was a nice touch because even though I already know Shelley, seeing her narrate through the videos was a ‘softening’  move. Additionally, the pictures of Shelley’s family, former CRA people and situations, and the visuals that work to bring abstract concepts into context helped this academy seem feel like a welcoming, familiar learning/working environment.

  • Aha! #2 – Affect affects learning.